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22 trends that every online marketer should know about…

Last week I put together a deck on some proven low cost inbound marketing strategies I employed for my own websites for the company I’m working for.

This pm, when searching for some trending data to make my strategy deck more compelling, I came across this GREAT slideshare.

Below are some of the trending stat/data I extracted from the slideshare…  It’s mind

  1. 79% of adult Americans use the Internet
  2. 78% of Internet users conduct product research online
  3. 10.3 billion searches are conducted every month online
  4. The average US Internet user views 2,750 web pages per month
  5. 1/3 of US consumers spend 3 or more online every day.
  6. 24% of adults have posted comments or reviews online about the things they buy
  7. 9 out 10 Internet users visited a social networking site each month  in 2010
  8. 1 out every 8 minutes online is spent on Facebook
  9. Twitter’s active user base generates 90  million tweets per day
  10. More than half of all Internet users read blogs at least monthly
  11. US Internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs & social networks than on email
  12. 40% of Facebook’s user base is age 35+
  13. 64% of Facebook users have become “fans” of at least one company
  14. 70% of the links search users click on are organic – not paid
  15. 78% of business people use their mobile device to check email
  16. 40% of US smartphone owners compare prices on their mobile device while in-store, shopping for an item
  17. 1 in 5 US adult mobile phone owners have used their device to make a purchase in the past month
  18. 40% of US households have a DVR.
  19. 200 million Americans have registered on the Federal Trade Commission’s “Do Not Call” list.
  20. 46%.  The decline in spending on tech trade shows in 2009.
  21. 91% of email users have unsubscribed from a company email they previously opted-in to.
  22. 84% of 25 ~ 34 year-olds have left of favorite website because of intrusive or irrelevant advertising.

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