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Project 2012 revealed:

So, the Project 2012 is “explainer” video:

Due to some last minute code modifications and user experience changes, I have decided to push the launch date to 5/28/2012.

This idea was originated when my 10 years old daughter asked me how to revel her crush to a boy she likes… My daughter and I then spent the next 3 hours on ideation and brain storming. The very next day I started to pull together a team with developers from China, mobile developers and QA resource from Taiwan, UI/UX specialists from NYC with my daughter been the chief producer reviewing and directing all the creative design and the video creation… She had lots of fun through out this entire process!

Again, some interesting stats about

  • With weekly conference calls with 6 team members from 3 countries for the previous 16 weeks.
  • the entire user experience is only 4 pages
  • initial go-live in 3 languages, 8 languages by 3Q12
  • the site is pre-loaded with 575,000 members from 13 countries and 4 continents

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