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why bad news?

cultural differences in business

this post is about the culture difference between old school and new school that I experienced earlier this week…

For the Q112 report out, I prepared a deck that summarized all our achievements in the first quarter. Needless to say, I am extremely proud of what my team, 1Web, has achieved in the first quarter of 2012!

I socialized the deck with some of my web none believer colleagues, the old school people if you will and after the walk through, I was questioned that maybe I sugar coated it too much and perhaps I should include some bad news within the deck…

I was thinking to myself… pretty much every successful stories in the deck started off as bad news/stories at the beginning of the quarter and it is only through months of tired less iterations and continues refinements that we turned all these lemons into lemonade.

Web projects are not these big enterprise waterfall projects most people in the company are custom to. The WEB way is that we try small, we failed small, we learn from it then we just try again, nothing is impossible and never give up. Turn bad stories into a awesome stories is why we have jobs.

Frankly, I am not custom to tell bad news, I really don’t want to BUT that is not to say that I am not afraid to, I just want to make sure that I have tried everything within my power/authority first before throwing in the towers and declare the news is bad.

We’ve got enough bad news these days, who really wants more?

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