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How to ask powerful questions?

My executive coach, Patricia, told me couple months back that one of the skills that I need to master is how to ask powerful questions? My thinking at the time was why ask questions? Shouldn’t I be focus on providing answers instead?

And In one of my recent conversation with my boss, Bruce, he also indicated to me that my orientation is always trying to jump to solve the problems when what he needed from me is to stratgize with him. He also clearly indicated to me that he needs me not to think that every first solution I come up with is always going to work… keep my mind open.

Then this article Q&A by Seth Godin.

I get it now! I totally get it now!

Think back, I realize I have put so much unnecessarily pressure on myself to find the right answer when I all really need at the time was to be curious and ask questions!

This is a profound moment for me and so I have translated this Q&A post by Seth along with my comments and learning into, I created this post, “你會問「問題」嗎?”, on my Chinese blog,

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