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Too demanding?

A new IT leader was assigned to the One Web program, the leader and I go way back and we already know how each other operates. I am very excited about his new assignment because we really need someone in IT who is like him, full of energy with the can-do attitude!

In speaking with him, I learnt that he was warned by other IT leaders about coming to work with me in the 1Web program because that I am too demanding

Honestly, I wasn’t really surprised at all, because I know that I am demanding… I am demanding but I am reasonable and I lead by example. I know everyone one of my developers and have deep understanding for their capacity and the capability…

I can and am proud to say that I have the technology knowledge above and beyond most (if not all) leaders in IT. I know what can be done and what can not. I often code the various prototypes for developers assigned to the One Web program to get them jump started.

I have the dot-com know-how and I am well versed in online marketing than most of colleagues in marketing. I always layout clear directions and work hands-on to jump start the execution.

I don’t take “no” for answer but always willing to accept “we tried our best but failed” as result! I am always one of the first in the office and one of the last few out… so sure I am demanding, but I demand more of myself than others. I inspire my team thru my actions and all the results we achieved as a team… not thru talking.

I challenge these leaders who talk the talk to start walk the walk, to start demanding and inspire their team thru their action!


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