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art and science

Last week, my boss walked me thru some of the rebranding material he has been working. It sure was an eye opening experience for me! He clearly articulated the vision of who we, as a company, want to be and how we want to be perceived by our customers.

During the conversation, I can sense his strong energy and passion. His energy is infectious and his passion makes people believe! It was like one of these powerful talk that general gave before leading a charge down toward his enemy… I am ready to charge… So I reviewed the material over the weekend, the material is really really good but it is not an exact science.

Never had any experiences dealing with branding, I found it challenging to define/create an online web experience based on the branding vision. I feel intellectually challenged to try to transcript a set of actionable items from the vision!

I now know where his (my boss’s) mind is and I need to figure out a way to take the web there.

Turning art into science is not exactly easy but I will figure out a way to get there, I always do!


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