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I got connected with a well known international publication company who is about to launch their English learning web platform in Asia, the Greater China region to be specific. I had the chance to preview their product and it sure looks very exciting!

Asian youngsters are hungry to learn English, the web product can not only provide an interactive way for them to learn English but also a fun way to experience American/Western culture online within their own home! With the right marketing strategy, I have no doubt it could make a killing in Asia! Furthermore, with proper execution, entrepreneur mindset and strategic business planning, I believe the product have the possibility to transform the publication giant into an online digital enterprise! The product is transformational and could be a major revenue generation engine for the firm!

I know the market and the industry extremely well, I had single handedly started up and built the largest P2P English learning/sharing portals ( & in Taiwan! I can and plan to replicate the experience and do it again with http://English.Asia. With the right partnership, the possibility could be limitless!

Will have more conversations with the firm in the weeks ahead and I am super excited about it!

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