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The One Web is an exciting and a transformational initiative launched on 4/11/2011.


With the full support from my boss, I’ve built a team with 41 members who specialize in each of the following areas: web marketing, online experience and Internet technology.  Together, we’ve successfully cultivate a .com like culture in the oldest utility company!  The One Web team is a team with the can-do altitude,  full of energy and excitement!


The “One” in the One Web stands for:


  • ONE unit, no more boundaries between sales, marketing, and technology.  We work as ONE team!  The ONE team that is customer centric and can react to our customers’ need in a more nimble and agile fashion.
  • ONE consolidated Web Platform.  Consolidate all existing legacy web assets onto ONE platform.  Reduce operational/maintenance cost and to provide the ONE foundation for rapid innovation.


The One Web is about value innovation.  It is a blue ocean strategy.  Objectives are:


  1. to provide the best in class online customer experience by building a set of web products & services for consumers to easily buy and/ manage their energy needs online.
  2. to build the online energy hub, the online destination for energy!  To establish us as thought leader in Energy industry by 1. strategically making our site listed on the first page on Google, Yahoo and Bing in all Energy related searches and 2. have our site referenced in all online Energy related conversations!


Building the One Web hasn’t been easy.  Because the One Web is transformational and new to the company, there is allot of territorial boundaries and politics challenges that I have been dealing with.  The experience of establish the One  has been like me blowing up a balloon while some has a pin in hand who wants to pop it and some ready to take it over.


My boss and I share the One Web vision from the day 1 we met.  And I always remember the conversation he and I had in the WhiteSox stadium after our Chicago offsite all hand meeting.  He came over to me, looked me in my eye and said to me:


We know there are many hurdles and boundaries, we will deal with them one at a time and we need to deal with a positive altitude!


That’s the leadership we need!  Not only we need to deal with all the challenges, We need to deal with it with a POSTIVE altitude!

The leader always sets the trail for others to follow.


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