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Next week…

Next week, I will be traveling to Asia for a quick 5 days trip.  First day I will have an interview with a high profile fortune 500 gaming company, next day, I’ll meet up with my friends to talk about http://English.Asia venture, then follow by a 3 full days meeting about a Groupon like venture with one of my domains:  3 meetings in 5 days plus 20+ hours fly over there and 20+ hours back.  A tough and exciting week ahead.  All 3 meetings have one thing in common:  all have something to do with English in Asia.


First one, the interview with a high profile fortune 500 gaming company, they wanting to interview me because to them, I have the whole package they are looking for:  My ability of speaking both Chinese and English, my entrepreneurial experiences in Asia and my current working experience in a fortune 200 company.

Second one, http://English.Asia venture.  With all the SEO/marketing premium built-in to this domain, this is a great domain for any English related product/service firms who targets Asian market.  I want to start the site by building a social network for Asian who wants to learn English, then later create a market place for English product/service providers/seekers.  American who speak English natively probably don’t realize the value of their English skill.  A recent survey showed that South Korean parents spend roughly $20,000 on each of their children from age 9 to age 18 on English education.  China spends well over 60 billion annually on English education.  You get the point, there is a lot of money in English education – and Asia is the area that spends the most.


Third one, I’m looking to invest/partnering with a GROUPON like startup in Taiwan founded by 4 foreigners (2 for Canada and 2 from New Zealand).  The 4 foreigners went to Taiwan first to teach, again, English and they later started up their own business English consulting firm.  Now they want to play in the cyberspace world.  The 3 days meeting will take place in Taipei but language for the meeting will be in English.  Funny, isn’t it?


The point of this post is the value of English and http://English.Asia.


Think about it, past couple years, we had an unemployment rate hovering between 8.9 ~ 10.10 while Chinese GDP grow in double digits.  Most of our unemployed American workers can speak/read/write in English and most of Chinese are willing to pay some good dollars to just have their English email revised!


I will fund the http://English.Asia project but don’t plan to run it myself.  Pending result from my upcoming meeting, this project may need more funding to get it off the ground and if you are interested in investing in this project.  Please use the comment function below and drop me a line.


English.Asia facebook fanpage.


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