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Online Retail… Marketing or Sales?

One day, when chatting with the VP of Mass Market Sales, he asked me what is Internet Sales and how would I define the role based on my extracurricular experience with web startups outside of work?  Where does Internet Sales fits within our organization (a fortune 300 company)?  He asked some very interesting questions.  But I think what he really wanted to ask is:  Organizational wise, does the web belong to sales or marketing?


My view on that is that traditionally, in the big corporate enterprise setting, the web often belongs to marketing because it is considered as just a yet another marketing medium.  However, in the age of online retail, web is also a sales platform, a weapon of Mass Market, a lowest CTA channel.  Plus , marketing usually doesn’t own P&L, Sales do!  So, one would say that the logical answer would be that the web belongs to sales and not marketing.  Almost right, except that sales is not as creative as marketing and does not master the web.


Think about how you would answer this question and please share your thoughts in the comment section below.  I will post my answer to this politically charged question in my next post titled “The1Web.Org

The 1 Web



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