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New Plan!

New Plan!

I have been doing some thinking since my last post… instead of just blew away $25,000 in the market before many people knew about this little trading project and just died shortly after… I decided to divide this project up into 3 phases in hope to get bigger audience to know about this project before the real exciting part begin so that the can live long after the trading project ended…

So, the 3 phases are:


1. paper trading exercise, this is a dry run phase.  In this phase, I will only be trading on paper with $25,000!  Thru this exercise I will write down what I learnt or know about each commodities, derivative, various trading strategies, etc… And use the paper trading scenarios to explain how to trade them.  This way, not only that I can use this phase to interact with my visitors, the material cumulated from this phase could be somewhat educational for audiences who is not well versed into trading.  Same as the real deal, this phase will end the day I either made the one million or lost all of the initial capital.

2. the real deal begins here in phase II.  Thru phase I, I should have big enough audience to show off my trading skill 🙂  And with the materials cumulated from phase I, my audience would know better about what I am doing.a

3. Phase III is forever… after phase I and II, the should be content rich enough to able to live on and hopefully by then, has made its name and website functionality ready so that everyone who wants, can start his/her own investment blog here as a Lucky Speculator.


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